The Garden Of The Fates

For “Suvivors” Exhibition curated by Wolfgang Petrick at Löwenpalais, Berlin (2014)

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The Room

The room is an installation/performance about reclaiming the space by the audience and how it could take a place in the art work. By destroying the piece, the audience appropriates the space and become a inseparable part of the work.
Piezo microphones in balloons or spread over the ground and walls send the sounds of people rubbing, scratching and bursting balloons through my analog effects.

“the room” #2 at UND7 festival, Karlsruhe, Germany (2012)

Curated by :
Martin Heus und Jacob Birken (Kuratoren im Kunstraum Morgenstraße Karlsruhe)
Dr. Andrea Buddensieg (Kuratorin und Koordinatorin des Forschungsprojekts Global Art and the Museum am ZKM Karlsruhe)
Roos Gortzak (Unabhängige Kuratorin und Kunstkritikerin, bis 2012 Ausstellungs- und Projektleiterin und Kuratorin an der Kunsthalle Basel)
Schirin Kretschmann (Künstlerin, Berlin und Basel)
Prof. Dr. Laurence Arthur Rickels (Filmtheoretiker, Kunstkritiker und Psychoanalytiker. Professor für Kunst und Theorie an der AkdBK Karlsruhe)

“the room” #1 at Café Stadler, Berlin, Germany (2011)

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