Deviant Art Festival 2016

Live at Oslo10 2015

noise pieces

Recorded at :
Löwenpalais, Wolfgang Petrick’s Suvivors exhibition, Berlin
PhotoGallery Friedrichshain, Günther Schaefer Exhibition, Berlin
Liber Null, Fiese Remise, Berlin


Performance night at Shift, Berlin (2013)

If the beginning is the end

Live recording of the Noise/Ambient piece released on 21-22-23 December 2012 for the comtemporary dance performance by NoMass collective.

Full track recording : Sound piece by Theodoros Klissiaris and Mathieu Sylvestre.


Performed at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC (2012)

Home Sweet Drone

Noise Drone improvisation with Guru Bobol and [PH] at ChezPH, Tours, France (2012)

It’s All In Your Head

Performed with Philip Ludite and Peter Rosvik at Theatrekapelle, Escape Festival, Berlin (2012)


Performed with Philip Ludite, Visa Knnuttila, Katja Hammer at A.C.U.D, Month Of Performance, Berlin (2012)

Diverse Universe

Performed by Ken Siebert, music by Risto Puurunen, noise by Mathieu Sylvestre, at Diverse Universe Fesival,Pärnu Art Hall, Estonia (2012)


Performed by Frédéric Krauke – music by Mathieu Sylvestre at UND7 festival, Karlsruhe, Germany (2012)
Curated by :
Martin Heus und Jacob Birken (Kuratoren im Kunstraum Morgenstraße Karlsruhe)
Dr. Andrea Buddensieg (Kuratorin und Koordinatorin des Forschungsprojekts Global Art and the Museum am ZKM Karlsruhe)
Roos Gortzak (Unabhängige Kuratorin und Kunstkritikerin, bis 2012 Ausstellungs- und Projektleiterin und Kuratorin an der Kunsthalle Basel)
Schirin Kretschmann (Künstlerin, Berlin und Basel)
Prof. Dr. Laurence Arthur Rickels (Filmtheoretiker, Kunstkritiker und Psychoanalytiker. Professor für Kunst und Theorie an der AkdBK Karlsruhe)
More pictures by S.Schlittenhardt

… Und7 Noises

Experimental noise live recorded at UND7 festival, Karlsruhe, Germany (2012)

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